Quitting Smoking While Pregnant With NRTs

Alcohol drinking and cigarette smoking are two habits that expectant mothers are strongly advised to stop or refrain from. However, giving up smoking (and/or drinking) is not something easily done that some moms do not feel very motivated to quit just because they are pregnant. For those who really wish to protect their unborn children, […]

Employers In Norway Called To Ban Ecigarettes

The Norwegian Heart and Lung Patient Organization (LHL) through one article on the Norwegian publication Dagens medisin called employers to ban ecigarettes as they do real cigarettes. The health organization likewise extended this appeal to all other owners of various establishments in the country. Last year, the Norwegian tobacco law was revised and Norwegian Health […]

Save Vape LA: A Successful Peaceful Vape Rally

Save Vape LA was just a mere idea by the #IMPROOF Movement and event sponsors. Yet on March 8, 2014, this idea became a reality that that proved to be a successful and peaceful vape rally. Save Vape LA was held on a Saturday at Pershing Square on downtown LA. The rally was held as […]

Renowned Expert Advises The Electronic Cigarette Industry

Dr. Konstantinos Farsalinos is recognized by the electronic cigarette industry as an ally. In his latest article entitled ‘Is e-cigarette industry the biggest enemy of the e-cigarette today?’ he gave his expert opinion regarding the past, present and future of ecigarettes that could very well serve as an advise for everyone involved. EU Regulations Already […]

Vuse Ecigs At SXSW, Thoughts Of A Vaper

SXSW 2014 that started March 7 and will end on March 16 has Vuse ecigs as its official electronic cigarette. Vuse is a brand of ecig that is brought to the market by RJ Reynolds, one of the tobacco giants in the US. While the Big Tobacco Company stated that its vapor cigarette is one […]

Battle Of Ecig Patents By Imperial Tobacco Begins

Imperial Tobacco has begun its battle of ecig patents against nine rival companies from the US. This is amidst the increasingly becoming aggressive move of Big Tobacco in embracing the fast growing market of ecigarettes. Imperial Tobacco is based in Bristol, UK. It is the fourth largest tobacco company worldwide. Its wholly owned subsidiary, Netherlands-based. […]

Disposable Playboy Ecigs From An Iconic Brand

Smoking and sex are two things that come together like bread and butter. Yet, the foul odor of cigarette smoke could ruin what could have been a totally romantic and sensual experience. Rather than lighting up a cigarette, why not get your disposable Playboy ecigs instead? Disposable Playboy Ecigs These products are part of the […]

Vaping And Smoking For Head Of Ecig Association

Ecig Association (National Electronic Cigarette Association) head Manuel Muñoz explained during an interview about his vaping and smoking habit. He said that he vapes and also smokes 4 cigarettes in a day. He started his smoking habit when he was just 13 years old. Born in Igualada, Barcelona, the 40 years old Muñoz spends his […]

Ecig Marketing Should Not Be Banned

A bill was recently introduced by the Senate Democrats that has a single aim of annihilating ecig marketing to the young ones. This move, as expected, has received support and antagonism from various groups and individuals. Some say that this safeguard is only necessary in order to prevent ecigs from getting into the hands of […]

Possible Union Of Two Tobacco Giants

Two tobacco giants would soon become one as RJ Reynolds looks at bidding for its rival Lorillard. The two companies are leading cigarette makers in the US. About Lorillard Over 80% of Lorillard’s total sales are from Newport menthol cigarettes. Yet, menthol-flavored cigarettes are now challenged by the long standing decline in smoking rates. The […]